Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other Things I've Made

As well as animals, I've also made a hat for my sister (check it out, it's one of the first posts) and ballet slippers. My sister Elise is REALLY into ballet, so she asked me to PLEASE make her some ballet slippers. If she only knew the time and effort it took me to find a good pattern and translate it into her size...! Oh, well, I was extremely happy with the way they turned out, and decided to post pics for you all. I made these a while back, and she actually wore them so much and all over the place that they are history now. Oh well, I still know how to make them. ;)

The ballet slippers.

Side view

Elise enjoying her slippers! :)

Animals I Have Made (not for school)

So, sorry it's been so long since my last post. School is really keeping me busy this year, as I'm taking some classes through a school online, plus I have my regular at-home classes.

I will now post pictures of more animals I have made.
A bird I made for my little sister. I'm not sure what she ended up naming it.

The side view of the very colorful bird.

A chihuahua dog I made for a little girl. :)

Side view of the chihuahua. I actually brushed the yarn to give it fuzzy "hair."

A cat I made quite a while back now, but I am still glad with the way it turned out.

A monkey I made, also a while back. :)

A little puppy I made. 

Hope you enjoyed these!

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