Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elise’s Christmas Present

I was looking through photos of things I’ve crocheted and realized I haven’t posted photos of what I made for my sister Elise for Christmas. The very first crochet animal I ever made was a horse, and I gave it to her. She lugged Cherry Pie (as she named it) around, dragged it in the dirt, literally loved it to death. It wasn’t wonderfully constructed to begin with—its neck was never completely attached because I had NO idea what I was doing. Before Christmas Mama went through toys with the girls and cleaned things out, and poor Cherry Pie had to be thrown away. So I purposed to make Elise another horse for Christmas.

I used the horse pattern in Annie Obaachan’s book Super Cute. And I must say, I think it is the best amigurumi I have made yet! If you’d like to see any photos closer up, just click on them. Elise named her new favorite animal Cookie Dough.





NOVEL idea!

I had a brainstorm yesterday. There are tons of people who write up their own crochet patterns and then sell them (and the things the make from their patterns!) on this website called Etsy.
And I was thinking, Why shouldn’t I be able to do that too?
So I decided I would try to look at a picture of an animal and make my own pattern from it. I started looking through all the animal books we have (which are a lot!) and write down some animals I might be interested in making.
I started on the alpaca. Looking at these photos:
I came up with the body:
Now I realize it looks funny with no legs and no head or neck but I thought I would tell you all my idea. Hopefully I’ll be coming up with a  lot more of these. I’ll show you the finished alpaca, as well. Winking smile

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