Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Has Been Happening

First of all, I finished my project for school-- and I've done other animals since then (pictures to follow). My project went beautifully, and I got the books I ordered. :)
My family moved recently, but before we moved, I got the chance to show a dear lady how to do amigurumi. She saw some books I had on it, and wanted to learn. I spent two entire days helping her translate the books from English to Spanish and showing her the ropes of amigurumi. I gave her a few of my amigurumi books, so hopefully she will keep going on it, and make some wonderful things!
In exchange for teaching her how to make amigurumi animals, she taught me how to make a kind of purse. I'm really excited about it, and as soon as I finish it you will all get to see pictures!!
School is starting soon, but before that I will be going to camp. So.... needless to say, perhaps not much crochet will be done for a while. :( But I will show you all what I have created since I last wrote on here!

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